Saturday 12 January 2013

I Must Be Quilting Mad.....

Decided that my nieces will be getting quilts for Easter this year as well as me....although their single bed quilts will be the priority over my next one.

One pinkish, one more bluish....some of the fabrics I'll cross over, we'll just see when the fabrics gets here.....picking out fabrics for yourself is one thing, picking them out for kids is way out of my comfort zone.....and I'm one of those people that also doesn't like gimmicky kids fabrics if that makes sense....I didn't want those pesky cartoon know what I'm talking about.....and I know my sister would hate that as well, so I tried my hardest....and again I may just have to find some optional fabric here if needs be.


I take comfort in the fact that they're only single bed.....but that's x 2.

Fun, fun, fun

vic x


  1. I'm liking your choices Vicki! I'm set on making quilts as gifts this year too but I think I'll give myself til Christmas :) Can't wait to see yours in progress.

    Sophie xo

    1. Such a lovely idea to give handmade.....I may just regret the Easter decision, although if I figure starting on sewing all the squares first and doing a row or so each night, I should get there. Vic x


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