Wednesday 2 January 2013

Just Being.....

I picked up the knit sticks for the first time in what seems like weeks today.....Made myself a new little knitting nook.....padded bed box seat moved to the wall, feet up on the bed, all my bits and bobs next to me, windows open, sun streaming in, podcast playing and Audrey the super cat just looking for the best sun spots.

It's nice just being.......

Vic x


  1. Just listening to some hilarious podcasts from 2008 of The Russell Brand Radio Show from the BBC. RB and his friend Matt Morgan....too funny, too rude and sometimes too unbelievable....makes it a bit hard to knit when you're laughing that much.....intercepted with talking books, when I feel like something a little more knitworthy. Makes for an entertaining day!

  2. That sure is a lovely little spot you have there Vicki.

    1. I haven't moved from here much all week Tammi....My living room doesn't get a lot of light and that's great over Winter, but over Summer I just want to see some sun and brightness....and being in my little knitting nook here I don't watch any TV which is also a good thing....loving radio, podcasts, audible books and iTunes.


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