Friday 4 January 2013

Lazy Days and Friday......

Not feeling overly motivated to do anything today, or for this week really.  Sometimes I think it's just your bodies way of telling you to I've been making the most of the quietness all this week long.

Today was just too hot really to do anything.  The temperature hit around 42c, I think that's around 107f.....and it's going to be like this off and on for the next 10 days apparently.  They say this could be the long hot Summer....who knows, but it sure is looking and feeling like it.

So today I just faffed around mostly indoors during the hottest part of the day....checked my balcony boxes, raced over to the beach early in the day for a quick photo for Jan photo a day.  Made the most delicious couscous for lunch, did a spot of reading, finished a hat, and then tonight walked around Albert Park Lake, fed the birds, took some photos.

It's still around 37c at 10.15pm.....I've just had the coolest bath, lathered myself in Aesop and I'm in for an early's been a lazy Friday.


  1. After almost two solid weeks of culling/cleaning I am really lacking in the motivation department Vicki. I am in desperate need of a holiday I think. Maybe it's time to open a book and lose myself in its pages :)

    1. I didn't really get passed the cleaning of the bedroom ..... whoops, but I think I just needed the time to stop for awhile and do not a lot.....I've really got into reading again after a long time away from it....I missed it big time. I will say I'm not reading anything of great substance, but sometimes I think that's ok....take the time and do it Tammi.


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