Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tennis Anyone?

A quick bite to eat with a friend....then a tram ride into the city to watch a night session at the Australian Open Tennis.....Melbourne shines when the tennis is on....good weather, lazy days, fun times and a tournament that everyone apparently loves to come to, and now I see why....We personally don't take ourselves all that seriously in Melbourne....but we do take our sport seriously, we are known as the sporting capital of  the world for lots of reasons.  Considering I'm not a huge tennis fan, it was a great night out.  Melbourne really is a pretty place and just as pretty when the lights go down....I now know why so many people love it just like I do.

Night, it's late.

vic x


  1. Lovely! Wish you could send some of that balmy weather to the states. It's -20 here!

    1. I hear it's been very cold in the Northern Hemisphere.....we're just having beautiful mild sunny weather here in Melbourne, with the odd 40c/102f day thrown in for good measure.....I think as a Winter person I'm growing to like Summer.....Stay warm. Vic x


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