Thursday 17 January 2013


I love spending week days at home.....for me it's such an indulgence to work casually, being able to pick and chose the days I work when it suits me.....It does have its down side.  No sick or holiday pay and there are times when my work becomes a bit light on, so budgeting for those times can become a bit tricky, but it's the price I pay and I wouldn't change it for the world.  I love that I can work dover & madden from home when I need to.....although there is one thing I need to do and that is to put a bit more structure into my days when it is a work at home day.....I seem to find all matter of excuses to stop me from was certainly one of those days....when I should have been finishing two orders, I found plenty of reasons not to.

Boden jeans turned up today as well as a letter from Lettres d'un Inconnu.  I did a couple of hours....not nearly enough of knitting work, whilst laughing way too much to Russell Brand & Matt Morgan radio podcasts.

I watered my window boxes.....did I tell you that they got a haircut in the dead of night by a very ravenous possum earlier on this week?....ate the petunias and the thyme and left everything else!!  Picky possum....not usually the norm....anyway, they're slowly bouncing back, and they now get moved inside at night so they don't become the victim of a second brutal attack!

Today is frightfully hot, as I write type it's 39c....the heat outside is smothering.  My walk to the supermarket was awful, the sort of heat that wraps itself around you like a blanket and won't let you go.  It's suffocating.

So with the heat in mind easy dinner, the type of dinner that was made earlier in the day, so it'll probably be eaten cold....vegetable frittata with goats cheese, and that's it....Too hot to go for a walk around the lake, so I think the beach beckons tonight.

Hope it's not too hot for the rest of you and to my friends in the northern part of the world, rug up.

vic x


  1. Rug up indeed. -14 today and freeeeezing! Can I come over and eat some of that frittata? Looks delicious, but you'll have to crank the a/c...

    1. No aircon here Melburnians are made of tuff stuff....we just bloody well get on with it here, rain, hail or shine!

  2. I think if I ever entered the work force I would love a job that still enables me to pursue crafty endeavours whenever it suited..sounds like you have an wonderful balance between the two.

    I've been meaning to ask you how the vegetarian diet was going? I'm almost tempted to give it a try myself..almost :)


    1. Loving the vegetarian diet Tammi.....can't say I've missed meat at all, and that means fish as well...I'm still dairy and eggs, but after 6 months I'm then going to try for 2 days a week vegan. I feel lighter, my head feels clearer not so foggy if that makes sense, my skin glows, I'm finally sleeping better, I have more energy and funnily enough I am a lot calmer overall. I just feel better all round and I've dropped 3 kilos without even trying, so why would I ever want to go back to eating meat. It's a good decision for me.


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