Saturday 9 February 2013

Now & Then



I can't believe my run of luck with potted plants has been so successful.  I planted my little balcony boxes on the 30th December......and maybe by tomorrow morning after a very hot day today in Melbourne, I may just have a strawberry ripe for the picking.  Hopefully the birds won't get to it first!!

The other lovely thing I've discovered is bees.....As a person who lives inner city, bees are just something I never see.  My little garden has created a little haven for a bee or three, who lazily saunter over the flowers at their nice to see.

Next weekend, I'm moving into planting herbs....anyway for now I'm off to do some knitting.

Vic x


  1. Oh it is looking so pretty. I think I may have to start a little portable vegie garden since we are renting. I hope the possoms dont return for any snacks.

    1. Oh that's a great idea Sue, didn't think about vegetables.....I did win the war against the possums, it does involve me bringing the plants in at night but if that's what it takes, it is a small price to pay.....nothing worse than a hungry possum!!

  2. I was reading a magazine today about a Melbourne restaurant that grows a lot of it's own produce in vertical gardens. It was a pretty amazing yet simple concept that has inspired me to try growing vegies in pots.


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