Monday, 4 March 2013


I've started to attempt to take Mondays off from the moment it is really the only day of the week I have free so I do make the most of it.

Today was spent sorting seasonal wardrobe, sneaky bit of online shopping, cleaning, receiving parcels from the postman, selecting seasonal wool colours, a walk through Middle Park and South Melbourne....the changing architecture of the new and the familiar of the old, topped off with dinner and a movie in Yarraville with some friends......"I give it a Year", you're in for a right laugh.

Hope your Monday was just as enjoyable, and if it's yet to come......Happy Monday!

vicki x


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah they're pretty cool.....copper leather trainers....You should be able to find something similar in NY I would suspect.

  2. Wow stunning photo's. I love melbourne and it calls me I can hear it!
    Lovely space you have.

    1. Thanks Amber, Melbourne is pretty special, I have to agree. Vic x


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