Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Too Hot To Handle......

Autumn.....who would have thought Melbourne would have created history with the hottest Autumn on record....9 consecutive days above 30 celsius, with 5 of them being over 35 celsius.

I've just come back from the beach.....these were taken at around 7.40pm and it's still 33c.....The cool change should arrive tomorrow morning at around 10am, and I for one can't wait.  We've also had  one of the hottest Summers on record I believe......maybe bringing out the Winter clothes 2 weeks ago was a little premature.....I do hear it's going to be a hot Easter also...I'll remember the long hot Summer of 2013 well.

**Added 13th March after the cool change has arrived.

Melbourne's record March heatwave has broken one final record just as a cool change finally brought some relief after almost 10 days of sweltering weather.  Overnight temperatures fell to a minimum of just 26.5 degrees, making it the warmest March night since records began, edging out the previous high of 26.3 degrees set back in 1927.

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