Monday, 15 April 2013

All the Leaves are Brown and the Sky is Grey........

It's been a quiet week this past week......I've sort of felt a little under the weather, not sick just tired and lacking energy.  Our clocks went back one hour the weekend before last and the weather is finally,....yes finally changing to the Autumnal season that it should maybe the shifting seasons have just zapped my energy a little.

I've put the last of the Summer clothes away.....I'm one of those pesky people that likes to pull out all my seasonal clothes and look for whats missing.....I did pull out some Winter clothes around a month ago, but the weather continued on with sunny days, so back they went.....I've shopped up a storm this past shirt, long sleeve T's, merino knits and dresses, another pair of ankle boots, grey cords, belts, tights....I like to look at what I've got and just fill the gaps.....Navy, plum, aubergine and grey I'm loving a little too much at the moment......and my knitting orders seem to have fallen that way as well!!

I've started to slowly cut the squares for quilt no 2 for niece no 2.....the pinks are making me very happy, and just wait to you see what I decided for the backing fabric.....the clue is in one of the squares above.....Can you guess?

Hope your past week has been a good one....I've a busy one this week.....lots of work, lots of knitting, lots of sewing, and I've finally found a new doctor.....and a new hairdresser, double score!!.....but for now I'm off to make some warming soup I think.

See you soon.

Vic x


  1. I do the same Vicki, changing cloths on my shelf every season is great! As Autumn/Winter is my favorite season, I find that I always have too many clothes but I do need a pair of boots so I think I might go shopping for them this week. Have a great week! x
    P.S. Love the pictures, looks like you had a very productive week indeed:)

    1. Thank goodness there is someone else that is a seasonal dresser Katia....I do love planning my wardrobe for Autumn and Winter as well.....Summer not so much.......Good luck with the boot shopping.....Shoe shopping is one of my favourites. Vic x


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