Saturday, 11 May 2013

Colour Inspiration.......

I've been a bit inspired by colour this week.....I'm itching to get through my hat orders so I can start making some more in colours that are out of the box, I think we sometimes play it too safe with colour.  

I was scrolling through Ravelry this week, just looking at blankets and colour combinations and thinking about how clever some people are.  I get colour. I did textiles at school so I think my eye is pretty good.....but I'm not going to lie, some people don't get colour....I have friends that struggle putting colour together when choosing outfits to buy, so I do understand we weren't all hit with the colour wand!!.......I personally take my inspiration from nature.....gardens are always good for working out what colours go with what....I always know when something doesn't work together, I just get a jarring feeling about it, and it just doesn't look I always say....If in doubt swap it out!!!

The links for all these beautiful pieces are below, giving credit to these very talented people is warranted, such spectacular work.....the yarn at the top was delivered this week.  Here and here and the little cotton sandals I made some years ago and just came across the picture again this week.  You'll find the pattern here.  My Sunshine Day  Blanket from Alicia Paulson that you'll find here.

All the others you'll find here

Hope you enjoyed a little colour inspiration and it has given you a few ideas.

Vicki x


  1. I just found your blog!
    I find your works beautifully and I love it!
    Today I bought wool and tomorrow will try to color it!
    I am very excited about the result!
    I send you greetings from Dusseldorf/germany
    Hugs Gisela

    1. Hi Gisela, Lovely of you to stop by, glad I could give you a little bit of inspiration. kindest Vicki x

  2. Your work is so beautiful!
    I love the muted colors you use. And you color combos are amazing!
    You are my inspiration! I think I will try my first blanket made from blocks very soon!


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