Monday, 13 May 2013

Side Projects.....

I always have some side projects on the go.  I'm knitting a gift for new baby Juniper Valentine over at Rummey Bears.  Rummey Bears has always been I think one of my favourite blogs, if not my favourite and sadly Anna has decided to call it a day in the blogging world.  I've never met Anna but we converse by the interweb and for those of you who don't know, she designed the dover & madden logo.  She was a customer now a "web friend" (my reference to those I haven't met) and her gorgeous little girls are the recipients of quite a few knitted goodies.

I'm knitting a caplet for Juniper, I've started it in cream, but I have the same alpaca yarn in soft grey and donkey brown, so we'll see which one she gets.  The pattern is from Rowan.

I've also been doing an octagon a day on this long overdue blanket that needs to be moved on and become available in my Etsy store.  It's made from 100% Australian Organic Wool.....unfortunately the company that makes this yarn decided to shut up shop.....big shame really, but if I ever find they've started up again I'll let you know.....this yarn is to scrumptious not to share... I'm lucky enough still to have a large stash of it, although some colours I'm coming to the end of.....insert unhappy face here!  I'll blog about this blanket when it's completed.  It does come from a pattern, but I've lost the book it comes from.  I'll do my best to hunt it down if I can.

PS.  I've found the pattern and created a page on Ravelry for this blanket which will lead you to the pattern book.  You'll find it here

Have you noticed my blog has had a bit of clearout?   I've just done a bit of a tidy up.  You can still follow me.....scroll down to the bottom of the page and join.

Anyway I'll sign off with my standard line....I've got hats to knit!!


  1. oh wow! I'm so excited Vicki - it's beautiful.

    and thanks so much for those kind words, it's been about 4 years of blogging, and time to have a break.

    but next time you're down the road (!!) let me know, okay?


  2. Great pattern, I'm going to have to try it!


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