Friday 26 July 2013

When One Blanket Finishes Another One Begins.......

Well 5 blankets to be quite honest......All very similar....Hexies and circles, using organic wool, alapca, silk, cashmere.

The one above is Baby Cashmerino in a traditional join as you go hexagon....Not ever having done a hexie before I can see why they are so addictive.....These are all bub blankets so not huge.....I may think differently if I was doing them for a queen bed.....think that's going to be my off season project later this year!

Next is the same hexie just using up the last of my organic wool....I'll be sort of sad to see this wool go, it's soft and squishy and the colours are delightful and well chosen out.....I know I keep saying it, but it's a pity the business doesn't exist any more.

The last 3 blankets are all the same style wise....mixes of merino, silk and cashmere, with alpaca borders.....soft mauves and purple with grey, blue and grey with grey, and very pretty pinks with cream.....So a lot on my plate...although next week I'm photographing step by step photos for patterns so that should see me busy so the blanket making my take a back seat.

I'll put more details up about these blankets as I finish.....Anyone else like to have a zillion projects on the go at any one time, or is it just me?

Hope you're all well, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Those blankets are so beautiful, well done you! I think those color combinations are the sweetest ever.

    1. Thank you....I had just about finished the retro coloured hexie....but alas I think it needs another row, so back I go. Hopefully by this time next week, that one will be completed....One down!!

  2. Do you join as you go?


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