Tuesday 27 August 2013

Colour Block Hexie.....

Finally a few extra colours that I ordered for my colour block hexie blanket have turned up.....I didn't feel like I could continue until all colours where here and accounted for.

I ended up removing a few colours on the first row that I did, I ended up removing a lime green which was organic wool....it looked too lime green really!!  I also took out a plum colour as well.....my aim was for crisp clear colour, with a few softer colours like grey and latte brown to break up the brightness.

A few people on my Facebook page have asked me what colours I'm using and where I source my Cascade 220 from.  Below is the colour list....the organic wool I'm using is hard to find, so I'm giving you similar colours in Cascade 220 for those....I purchased one ball of each, and this blanket is 18 hexies across using a 3.5 hook.....I'm making this large bed size or back of the sofa snuggling size.

9487 Puget Sound, 8903 Primaverra, 9469 Hot Pink, 7809 Violet, 7804 Shrimp, 7816 Bluebell, 8888 Lavender, 7828 Neon Yellow, 9427 Duck Egg Blue, 8393 Navy, 8414 Bright Red, 8011 Aspen Heather, 9478 Cotton Candy, 7814 Chartreusse, 9603 Country Blue.

The substitute yarns for the organic wool I'm using, I'd probably go with 9477 Tutu, 7825 Orange Sherbert, 7815 Summer Sky, 7822 Vandyke Brown and 7821 Sienna.

I buy my Cascade 220 from the US, the colour range is better than the very limited stock I find here in Australia, and my online, or walk in store of choice is  The Loopy Ewe in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Their online service is second to none, they instantly join you up to their loyalty program, and I can't resist the small bag of Tootsie Rolls that seem to accompany my order every time I receive it!

Anyway this isn't going to be a quick project, I have plenty more to be going on with, but it's a personal project.....another something for me.


  1. Love the hexagons and the bold colours! I am itching to try out some hexagons but need to finish up some projects before I start another as tempting as it is. Thanks for the tip about Loopy Ewe, I live in Canada but have been looking for a good site to order Cascade 220 Superwash from I'll definitely check them out as I LOVE tootsie rolls!

  2. A colourful hexie is my summer make too... though it will be one of those makes that keeps going for far longer than this sunny weather! Your wool and colour choices are delicious - feel I may have embraced the Granny made blanket for my bright and cheery creation!

    1. Nothing better than a project that keeps on going....I feel that way you don't get sick of it, because you don't do that much of it all the time. Good luck with your project, Vx


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