Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Blanket with the Bobble Edging

I've gone a bit blanket crazy this week.....Another Sunny Spread but this time, going for big, bold and bright and colourful blanket....slightly different from my previous ones.

I think I love this one the most.  Beautiful smooshy organic Australian merino yarn.  I followed the pattern as is, but again just changing the border.....this time I though bobbles, and I think it ties in well with the circles on the blanket, and I think it brings it back to playful with the bobbly edging, just suitable for a cot or pram for a bub.  Can you see I like random colour.....again I'm not a fan of repetitive colour or pattern in blankets.....I've never been one for anything too uniform or matchy matchy!

If you don't know how to bobble, I'll put up a simple instruction tomorrow for you all.....and it is simple let me tell you!  Anyway, here tis' all done.....Colourful enough for you?

For more details, you'll find my blanket here on Ravelry

Till later,


  1. I making this right now in a bright pink, soft pink, cream and with a gray background for a baby girl. so excited to try your new edging on it

    1. Sounds lovely Leslie, pinks and greys are always a pretty combination....the bobble border tute is up now. Cheers, Vx


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