Wednesday 18 December 2013

100 Clovers....

I'm looking over a 4 leaf Clover!!  I sold my 100th Clover pattern over the weekend, well officially it's now 105!.....In my eyes a milestone.  I'm truly grateful for all the wonderful purchases, feedback, photos and love for my little Clover pattern, and also to those that have purchased a completed hat, there really is a lot of Clover love going on, she says with a big smile!

One of my favourite blogs On The First Day of Marriage has a little Clover hat going on, little Miss Phiney looking  as warm as toast, all snuggled up in wool and big thanks to Nell as well........I look at the images and I just wish for Winter as we head into a scorching 40c day tomorrow!!

So if you are after your own Clover pattern, I've popped an image on the right hand side of the page which you can now click and it will take you to my Etsy store.....Again, the wonderful Katherine Heise from Heise Photography took that perfect image, you may also know her from Lamb loves Fox as well.

I'm going to sign off now and I don't think I'll be back before Christmas....So I will thank you all for popping by my little blog, may you and yours have a wonderful and safe holiday season and I will see you back in 2014.

Warmest wishes to you all.



  1. Naaaaw, Too cute! And congratulations,105 patterns!

    1. I have your beautiful image to thank for that Katherine....Vx

  2. Such a cute hat! Maybe I'll make one for my new niece/nephew in the new year!

    - J

  3. It's such a great pattern Vicki, every 4 and under (and older) should own a Clover hat!! Happy Christmas lovely lady xx

  4. I love that hat. I made one and will make many more ! thank you !


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