Saturday 8 February 2014

Clover Again.......

Did you ever see just a toothy grin.....Baby Q in her little mauve Clover hat.....This little image will soon make its way to the front page of my Clover Knit your own at home pattern.  At the moment when you download my pattern from Etsy or Ravelry you get gorgeous little Miss A on your cover....but shortly there will be a second version of Clover and you can choose the image of Baby Q, and hopefully soon also a third image from Joy Wright Photography as well.  I just think it's nice to have a bit of's the spice of life!

This image above is courtesy of Sarah Brown Photography.  Sarah is from Griffith in NSW, Australia and she answered a call out on my FB page....her work is delightful and I instantly fell in love with her photos and also she is a Mum to 4 little ones....superwoman really!  Feel free to stop by her Facebook page and send her some world wide love.

Also don't forget Katherine Heise from Lamb Loves Fox or at her Facebook page....also brilliant photography of her gorgeous children going on here.

Well that's enough of me, I'll be back on Monday with a crochet tutorial.....The Squircle Blanket as I'm calling it.

See you soon.



  1. So adorable, I think I am going to have to make one for my soon to be newest nephew this year!

    Can't wait to see the squircle blanket!

    - J

    1. Isn't it a ridiculous name....Squircle....but it's sort of stuck, circle in a square...get it, bit like know the score!! Vx


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