Monday 10 February 2014

The Squircle Ends.....

Such a silly name for a blanket, but it's stuck now!!

Anyway it's completed, blocked and put away for possibly a gift with all the other woolly bits and bobs, who knows.  I bordered and blocked the blanket last night.  For the border as per the post on the tutorial, I changed to a 3.5mm hook and just continued going around the blanket with double stitch clusters, the dinky stitch you use on a granny can see my strength does not lie in crochet, not even sure of the stitch names!!  I did 7 rows of this.

I did  think about not putting a little sweet scalloped edging around it, but I thought it needed something to off set the circles.  To do the border it was a simple, single crochet into the gap left between the last row of granny stitches, then 3 chains then a single crochet, then 3 chains....right around the blanket.  At each corner I did a single crochet then 1 chain and then another single crochet into the same corner...this just stops the border from pulling.

The scalloping was just working in the 3 chains and it was a single crochet stitch, then a HDC stitch, then 2 x double crochet stitches, back to a HDC stitch then a single crochet stitch.  You then just move onto the next 3 chains don't do a chain in between or anything just straight into your single crochet stitch, then a HDC, then 2 x double, back to a HDC, a single get the picture.

I've put The Squircle up on Ravelry right here. Again it's got a link to my tute.

Anyway it's Monday and it's movie night, so I'm going to get some lunch have a little rest and get ready.

Enjoy your week.



  1. Love the blanket and all the woolly bits and bobs. Someone will be very happy to get this as a gift.
    Thank you for this great pattern.

    1. Pleasure....although I do bumble my way through crochet, I'm sure all the crocheters out there will understand. Vx

  2. Just GORGEOUS!!! I just love the dark color around the bits of color. It's like fireworks in the night !

    1. Oh yes what a delightful description, it truly does. Vx

  3. I do like this crochet blanket very much, the colours look great together... Putting this on my list of blankets to make...


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