Monday, 24 March 2014

African Flowers on a Dull Grey Day......

It's funny that I finished this blanket on such a grey, slightly rainy and overcast day.....the first day that I can really feel that Autumn is on the way.....and I for one am glad to see the end of really was the long hot Summer!!

Anyway the blanket is done....I blocked this like there was no tomorrow, because after completion in the early hours of this morning, it sort of looked twisted, tight and sort of mangled, if I can use that term for a woolly blanket....anyway this blanket I had to wet first before I could even get some give out of it to lay it flat for blocking.....the fibres were sooooooo tight.

Anyway it's now beautiful, soft, drapey and the patterns in the flowers have spread....the seams of the joins have all flattened out.....and now it's the perfect blanket for a baby girl that is coming soon.

Well for now it's back to the knitting.

Have a good week. Vx


  1. Just gorgeous - As always :) - Krystal

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! One of these days I'll get up the nerve to start a pieced blanket. I'm too afraid that I'd never finish it.

  3. It is gorgeous. I love the color palette you used. What a lucky baby!

  4. Gorgeous work and lovely colours.

  5. Oh you are right... this is the perfect blanket for a baby girl!

  6. This is absolutely beautiful, is there anyway that I can get this pattern of yours and where, pleeeeeeaaaaaase xxx

    1. Here you go.

  7. Do you mind sharing what brand of yarn you used. It worked up so nicely.

  8. Hi Peggy, it's a mix of 8 ply yarns here is the link to my blanket on Ravelry with the 3 brands of yarn. Hope this helps, Cheers, Vx


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