Tuesday 13 May 2014


My little Keaton Slouch Beanie is for sale.....yes I know for those of you that are in the Northern Hemisphere, you're pulling out your swim suits and shorts......but down here in Australia....we're rugging up!!

Anyway new little hat is available as a PDF download.....Ravelry only offers single downloads with no discounted rate, but over at Etsy there are combo deals for 2 & 3 patterns.

Keaton is available for a 12M toddler through to an adult....I gave my Keaton that I made myself on the weekend away to one of the photographers for my first adult photo shoot....oh I loved that hat.  Will just have to make myself another one or two.  Links for patterns are over at the side of the page.

I'm off to bed....it's late and I'm officially starting work on Thursday.....need to get the old body clock back on a 9-5 timeframe!!




  1. Another gorgeous hat Vicki, you're so talented! Love the colours and pom pom! :) How did your first day at the new job go Thursday?

    1. Thank you, I love this hat, it all came together quite well.....Yes I'm 2 days in, to say there is a lot to learn is an understatement, but I'm loving every minute of it. Some of the nicest people I've ever met....it's great to be all learning the same thing at once. Another 4 or so weeks of training to go. Vx

  2. Another gorgeous Keaton! Hmm, we have had some dreamy days though today it is chilly - certainly no swimmers or shorts!

    1. After that hot Summer you had last year.....I hope it will be a bit more temperate for you this Summer.Vx


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