Sunday 3 August 2014


I hadn't meant to be away for so long, but time has just gotten away......June and July have completely flown by with little going on around here other than work of the full time variety and not the wool based variety.

I was saying to a colleague the other day that I don't remember any of my other full time jobs taking up as much time as this one I've just started.  I think it has something to do with the mental tiredness that is still therefor when I get home, I haven't got the capability or the want of picking up wool based projects.  Lolling around has become a big part of my day when I'm not working!! 

I've got as far as just about finishing the Keaton winners hats and that's all.  Once they're done I'll be working on the next pattern.  The fact that I have no other knitting projects or orders for anyone should hopefully make pattern writing this time quite quick.......Fingers crossed!!

Anyway I really don't have much more news, I just wanted to pop by so you don't think I'm truly's not just my blog that has fallen by the way side, it's also FB, Instagram and Pinterest, but I promise that things will resume back to wool based news very shortly.

Hope you're all well.



  1. Oh my, I'm only just catching up now... weeks later! Hope you are enjoying this busy-ness and you get the time to relax with wool soon!

    1. Nothing has changed I'm afraid, still dragging my feet with all things woolly!! Vx


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