Saturday 15 November 2014

Time keeps on Slippin'

I never intended to stay away for so long......and now it's marching on towards Christmas.  I've been in my job now for 6 months, where has the time gone?

Once again this blog post sees me with no news, or progression on pattern writing.  Full time work is really just that.....full time, with what always seems as no let up.  Trying to always catch up on sleep before catching up with anything, anyone or anybody!

I have made one decision that has turned out to be a good one.....a cleaner.  This has freed up a little bit of time for me and for the first time in what seems like months, I have started to finish some long overdue knitting as well as just knitting items, because I can.  Also a large stash of white Fuzzy Wuzzy came my way via Canada, so I spent a few nights knitting up little Kitty Kat hats....some of which are still available in my Etsy store.....there will be some more to come as I have a lot of this yarn to knit down.

I also spent a considerable amount of what little time I had throwing, donating, gifting and selling off furniture, clothes, books and crockery, as well as throwing years of long held sentimental items.....I just felt it was time to let all of these things go.  I've refreshed some of these sofa,  bed, chairs, storage for my stuff as well as wool and some new bed linen(s), with a few more things to come, but it is true what they say, you do feel lighter when you're not smothered in stuff and clutter......well I do anyway, and it was a good decision in the end.  Even though it sort of didn't feel totally right at the time.

The only other thing I've done is to put up the Christmas tree......a new 3ft white tree, that sits of the side table filled with beautiful vintage ornaments that I've been buying and stashing over the last few years.....these ornaments weren't cheap but they are so lovely so I figured I needed to get a few extra weeks out of the tree.

Well that's all my news, I promise I won't stay away for too long next time.....fingers crossed the next post will be all about 2 new hat patterns....Purdey bonnet and Purdey earflap......which leads me to say as well how overwhelmed I've been with current pattern purchases.....Clover seems still to be the pattern of the moment, and I just marvel at the beauty of them all when I look at Instagram.....there is literally 100's of them using the tag thank you to all who have purchased a pattern or two and I hope you'll all get just as much joy out of Purdey when it's out just before Christmas.

Thanks again

Vicki x


  1. lovely to hear from you!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. It's great to see you on Blogger's fair shores again, Vicki, and your pictures are beautiful and inspiring.


  3. Glad you are back. A housecleaner is a good thing.

  4. A cleaner is the best idea, good on you! I have been slowly decluttering over the past month and surprisingly feel better and happy to spend more days just at home, less 'stuff' makes the place feel tidier...and I'm more prepared for those last minute visitors ;-) Those ornaments are amazing too! Take care x Dre

    1. Thanks Dre....loving the cleaner way too much, it really is money well spent for me as I don't have much free time anymore, and I just don't want to be spending that small amount of time worrying about house work and far as the de-cluttering goes....2nd best thing I've done and I've realised I'm not as sentimental as I thought I was. And you're so right about coming home to a place that's free of's so much more relaxing and I enjoy being here even more so. Vx


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