Thursday 15 January 2015

And Then There Were Four......

Busy knitting prototypes of Purdey bonnets & earflap hats......Subtle sizing changes mean a whole re-knit just to check.....and check again!  Luckily all these prototypes will go to photographers for modelling and sizing checks.  It looks like both patterns will go past my toddler age bracket and should hopefully fit up to or close to a 10 year old which is great for those who have young children & there will be 4 sizes in both hat patterns.

I've contacted my typist, formatter and desktop publisher and she'll start typing up the basic notes of the first Purdey pattern this weekend whilst I start taking the step by step photos.  I don't think we'll be finished by the end of January as promised but I should have the earflap hat well on the way.....that will be the first Purdey pattern as it's unisex whereas the bonnet is more female seemed logical to do the hat  that all can use first.

Anyway just a little update for you all, it's back to the knitting for me and all the pretty colours!

Happy New Year by the way, hope you're all well into the swing of 2015.



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