Sunday 25 September 2011


There really is something I love about Sunday.  I've been spending my weekends in the country for the last couple of weeks.  My Aunt & Uncle are away overseas and I've been using their little property to knit, read, watch TV, walk, eat and enjoy the piece and quiet that the country brings.  It's about an hour out of Melbourne, so the perfect was the perfect day, perfect sunshine, perfect stillness.....until reality hit at 4pm as I made my way back to Melbourne.  Here's how I spent my day......

A cup of tea and a little bit of knitting in the glorious morning sunshine....nothing more perfect.

I did a little weeding & watering in the vege patch, nothing much in there besides Spring Onions....loving the corrugated keeps the bunnies away from the carrots!

Loving the last of the Winter Camellias.

And the last of the Tulips.

Watching the Wisteria getting closer to flower.

Eating a Neenish Tart....although I will always remain loyal to the Custart Tart.  I saw this in the bakery and decided I had to have it....I remember eating these as a child, I think the Neenish Tart can stay in my childhood....way too sweet for me now.

"Boy".... I never tire of looking at "Boy" he's such a simple piece of art, but there is something so friendly and likable about niece always says he only has one ear....I guess he does.

Staring at the last of the Autumn colours in the beautiful late afternoon sunshine.

And getting home to find Emmett in my Inbox.

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  1. Welcome to blogland Vicki! It did look rather sunny & delicious there today, perfect for a spot of outdoors activity. Can't wait to see what 'stuff' you chat about next. I hope you're a better & more frequent blogger than I am. I always have the best intentions but then time just seems to slip away.....!


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