Wednesday 28 September 2011


I've been looking to make myself a large blanket for the bed for some time now and have been absolutely torn between crocheting  and knitting the said item.

I've had a Granny Square blanket on the go for quite a while now, but over time have fallen out of love with it and it's been stashed away for the time being....maybe until I like it again a bit more...I also decided it wasn't bed worthy.

I then decided that I would try doing a bigger version of this little beauty below...I've completed a few of these for gifts....but when I added up the cost I decided it was going to be way too expensive to make it fit a Queen bed....Not that I'm not worth it, because I am....but again I just felt it had a bit of a Granny Square feel about it and I changed my mind. 

I then thought about a ripple.....and this didn't float my boat either.

And then it came to wasn't the style of blankets, it was the colours.  I think in the bedroom I decided I wanted something calming and the bright colours were....just too bright!  Considering I do so much bright knitting for my little baby hats....I don't do colour for myself.  I'm pretty classic with my colours in my little home and my, grey, navy, white....with an occassional hint of a coloured accessory.

It was then that I came across this blanket....Umaro by Jared Flood.  I found it some time ago and have had it stashed away in my favourites on Ravelry.

I think it's simple yet striking, I love the texture and the fact that it is a chunky knit.  Then last week I got my weekly email from Tangled Yarns  and there it was the same blanket in red, and how fabulous does it look....throwing my whole colour thing out the window....I think it was the multiple colours I wasn't coping with, but one single block colour is feeling ok for me.

So there you have it...I've found my blanket and the yarn is one of my favourites.  Head, hands and Heart  so now just to pick the colour...and what a choice.  I'm loving the purple in the front row on the right.

And I'm also loving the natural colour....

It's a big project and one that I'm going to have to live with for a long time....decisions, decisions, decisions.  Let me know what you think.



  1. I love it! I'm with you, I fell in love with a single colour crochet blanket (knitting is still beyond me!) called Sunny Spread ( It is in a 'one day' pile in pinterest but a girls gotta dream, no?!
    Now, for your colour......I love the natural cream, it will be timeless. On the other hand, what a fabulous way to add a splash of colour to an otherwise neutral palate. Hmmmm choices, choices.......

  2. I had a look at that blanket's lovely it would make a great project....I'm really torn btw the purple and the all my bedding is white I do think a splash of colour might be nice and then if I don't like will go into the living room!!


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