Wednesday 4 January 2012

1,2,3,4 Tell me that you love me more......

I don't know where to start with this blog post....It's come about because last night on my Facebook page I did a link to a tagging game and participated in it as well.  For those that are not familiar with this concept, it's about trying to make others aware of your business, by in a sense doing a chain letter for want of a better get people to like your page.

That said, it's something that I've never done before and I think it actually surprised a few people.  I did it purely because I had set up a shop to sell my hats on a new website and they suggest you participate in these type of games & market nights etc because it's good for their publicity and it gets your brand/business out there....well it's done and it really doesn't sit well with me at all. I won't be participating again. I got 20 new fans and already 2 of them have gone because I didn't feel the need to like their pages back, and this is where I get annoyed.

I want people to like Dover & Madden because they want to, they like my work, they appreciate what I do, they want to learn something at my page or my blog....I'm sure half those people who liked my page last night didn't even look at what I do but I certainly made sure that I looked at what they did and only liked those pages that held some sort of interest to me....In my book you like a page or become a  fan of a page because you want to be part of it, you appreciate what the seller does, not just to make up numbers.

I have quoted this many times before and I will continue to quote it as this still sticks in my memory.  It was told to me by Jen at the Pikelet Workshop.  "It's not about the number of fans you have, it's about the relationships formed with those fans."

I am so lucky that I have a loyal fan base (for want of a better term)  I love the fact that at anytime when I post something, one of so many lovelies will always comment or like....There is always a Jen, Amber, Rebecca, Cassie, Sheryl, Mira, Erica, Melissa, Denise, Joy, Jo, Jewel, Kim, Sarah, Roberta, Anne, Elise, Krissy, Genna, Adele, Marilia, Karen, Jana, Justina, Kelly, Beck, Hana, Bree, Sarah, Maureen & Maryanne and so many others that always know how to make me smile when I do a post...and you know what, I often look at so many other businesses and they just don't appear to have that banter that I love, so Jen you are so spot on.

So I'm happy to grow my business organically, and leave the tagging games to others, it has a place but not  with me....I also base my business on the number of sales, not the number of fans....and Dover & Madden does pretty well indeed and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.

So there you go, it's not about the numbers.....It's more about the love!!

Feel free to comment or let me know where you found out about d&m....I'd be interested to know. Also any thoughts you have on this matter...I know it could be a touchy subject so I did try and keep it pretty general.

Day 4

Vicki x


  1. i agree with all of this. if i see a heap of 'hi, newest liker' crap on a facebook page in their recent activity i find it a huuuuuge turn off and tagging games i really don't like either. it's fine if you genuinely like a page and would like to introduce yourself but usually it's just to get the return like isn't it? i say forget the numbers, they don't mean much and don't often reflect the success of a business anyway. i would rather have 500 genuine likers than 1000's of people 'returning the like' any day. i found your page after seeing some of your hats and mittens on madeit last winter, i was so impressed by them i just had to join your page.

  2. I couldn't agree more Vicki...though I have to admit, when I first started my fb page it was around the time that these games were rife and I kind of thought it was compulsory so I did participate a few times...but having said that I only genuinely liked pages of interest and like you it didn't feel right. I guess it put me off a bit and the. With other things going on in life it went by the wayside.
    My hope is to be able to dedicate a bit more focus and energy on it this year once the kids go back to school and yes I would prefer people to like me because they love what I do....if I can be anywhere near as good as you I will be a happy woman.
    I found you through a blog I think...someone showcasing a D&M hat that I fell in love with. You really the best in your field in my humble opinion :)
    You've got a good thing going Vicki, you don't need those games.


  3. Couln't agree more, Vicki, I found your page, through my daughter, who is a lover of all knitted items. So, I thought I would take a look at your page, and I look forward to seeing your new projects and your cups of tea etc. My Mum taught me to knit when I was 5 years old,and this year I will be 55..and still love it and am always learning. so Vicki keep up the great work and do what you are happy with.

  4. wow, i've been quoted! thanks, that's quite humbling. i have nothing further to add. you are, as always, succinct and correct in my book.
    i found your page because i love your work. i stayed because of the friendship we made and i am really enjoying your commitment to this blog. good for you!
    ps. i would love to think i resemble katherine the great whilst knitting in those photos, but most likely it's cary grant...

  5. i found you through a friend. i stayed because i think you're incredibly talented, and i enjoy watching your work develop. Also, i find the insights into your life honest and entertaining. xx.


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