Monday 9 January 2012

On Your Bike......

There is a new breed of bike rider around town, and I'm loving the look, so much so that I am seriously contemplating joining the bike brigade.....and these bike are so my speed.

but not this.....

First 5 photos courtesy of Papillionaire Bikes Prahran, VIC & Surry Hills NSW.

Enjoy Day 9

Vicki x


  1. I so love these retro bikes! I wanted one but was advised that they could not cope with the Balwyn "hills" :-(, so I had to get something else. Thanks for the inspiration for my today.s blog post... of to see if I have a good enough photo ;-)

  2. Oh you should do it Vicki! I just got a Papillionaire bike on Saturday. I added a bike seat for my fifteen month old daughter and we are having SO much fun! Here is a photo of the two of us...

  3. That's such a shame Ellie...and thanks Marie, what a great photo...loving the black bike now!!

  4. Oh you should so jump on the bandwagon Vicki :)
    I have wanted a vintage bike for the longest time...I was rather envious when a friend nabbed one for $2 just before we left NZ


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