Sunday 8 April 2012

Blog Babies & Their Dimples.....

I really have been incredibly lucky here at dover & madden, great photographers working my hats, a few dover & madden items in magazines and fingers crossed another selection of hats coming out in a May edition of a baby magazine and some of the best promotion I could ever get.......Blog babies.....little babies being born to Mummy bloggers who in my opinion have great taste and want to put their little ones in dover & madden retro inspired hats....and babies in knits, there really is nothing cuter.

Anna from Rummey Bears was the first to discover dover & madden.  She commissioned me to make a couple of items for her daughter Rosie and when the Dimple Hat was made, she took one instantly and Rosie just looked so damn cute in it, that I still use those photos today.  Anna was also the creative brain behind the dover & madden logo.

Poet from Che and Fidel is the second little blog baby to have a Dimple Hat, Her Mum Jodi purchased a little Dimple Hat for a trip to Tasmania....again a yellowish colour like Baby Rosie, and how adorable does she look. 

Lastly is newborn Baby Josephine, her Mum is Nell and she writes the blog On The First Day of Marriage.  She to purchased a Dimple Hat last August, and Josephine was seen on a post last week tucked up in her pram as the UK weather turned chilly again looking snug in her red Dimple Hat.

So there you have it, blog babies....these little bubs are really like little trend setters.  Their Mums all have an amazing knack to kit out their little ones in modern and vintage and make them look super cute.

Make sure you check out their blogs as there is some super reading to be had. Nell also has her own little knit store on Etsy and you can find it here.

Enjoy, Vicki x


  1. Hey Vicki- great pictures and great knits :) I had a quick question for you- where do you order your knit tags from? I have been thinking about making some for Knittybutton, but was curious about other small business' that have used tags and where you got them from.
    Ali of Knittybutton

  2. Hi Ali, I got mine from a local guy here in Melbourne. I don't have access to his details as his invoice is stored at my parents place with all my tax stuff....Try Again an Australian company that I use for bits and bobs, but I noted that they now do woven tags. Good luck.

  3. Oh, wow, thanks so much for the quick response! :) I appreciate it so very much!

  4. oh i love the colour (the pattern too) and the beautiful bright blue eyes.
    happy easter!

  5. Love the hats (and the babies). The stitch is fantastic, what is it, can you share the stitch pattern. I would love to use it for a project for my new granddaughter. Thanks.

  6. Hi Julie, as the pattern is copyrighted I won't reproduce it here. There are plenty of stitch sites on the internet that should be able to help you with patterning of this type of stitch or check out the knitting section at your local library. Take a look at Ravelry as well that should be a help to you.


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