Monday 9 April 2012

A Younger You.......Day 9

A younger me.....gosh that got me thinking.  Not that many photos of me around really.  This is a family photo of my younger brother, myself, Mum and her husband.  I believe we were at a family wedding if my memory serves me well....maybe around 1996, so I would have been around 28ish....check out my super short, brown hair....I did love that haircut, and I've been toying with getting my hair coloured back to dark....What do you think, blonde or brunette?


vicki x


  1. Apologies about the dodgy scanned image....we've all come out wider and with slightly yellowing teeth...very odd. Vickix

  2. dunno, i like the blonde too. maybe something with layered colours? don't have any old photos of me, have to be creative with this challenge...


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