Wednesday 23 May 2012

Blooming Marvellous!

I've had to interrupt my blogging holiday with some special news.....The Cymbidium Orchid that I referred to here in this post, the one I found on the nature strip last July that had been discarded after the flowers had died......Well guess what, a flower spike!!!  I've managed to keep it alive for all of this time.  I've fed it and loved it and now that the weather had turned cold I thought I would bring it inside this morning, and low and behold, it's blooming!!  Never before have I managed to keep a plant alive for so long....I'm normally one of those people who also would have discarded the orchid after it had lost its prettiness.....Not now, this one is a keeper!

Vicki x

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  1. Amazing. I've never done anything but kill orchids! Lovely bit of regeneration to inspire you!


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