Friday 25 May 2012

Coming Around....

I'm slowly but surely coming out of my blog actual fact I think just one to two weeks away has done me the world of good, although I still think things will be a little spasmodic for a little while.

Anyway to cut a long story short....I'm sick of sitting around 860 fans on my d&m facebook page....I want to hit 950 by mid June and then I'll giveaway a little RIO or LUMIERE hat to one lucky person....I'm also working on a new design or two or three at the moment as well, so those new styles may just get revealed in time to be included on the giveaway....that's only if we get to 950 fb followers....If you're on FB and you want to hang around my page, say something every now and again, interject or just loiter, pop on by and say hi, I'd love to see you there.  You'll find my page here ....anyway I'm off to work now, maybe I might get a nice number surprise on my FB page when I get home this evening.  Vicki x


  1. It's amazing how even just a short break can give you all the space you need. I am still deactivated on my old fb page but have set up another just for my immediate family so I'll pop by on that...I hope you hit a 1000 and beyond in the not too distant future Vicki :)
    Gorgeous hats as always.

  2. i love the colors and the pattern too. its amazing, what effect different colors have.
    wonderful little hats


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