Friday 28 September 2012

A Sad Strange Week.....

It's been an odd week this week in Melbourne, I've been elated that my football team has made it to the Grand Final tomorrow....but there has also been a terrible sadness overshadowing everything else with the abduction and tragic death of a vibrant young woman in inner city Melbourne.  Strangely the weather has turned bitterly cold over the last 12 hours as well and is expected to stay like this all weekend, funnily I thought we'd seen the last of this Winter weather.

I've just kept myself busy and haven't really felt like leaving the house.

Finished my second Noro blanket, received a delivery of vintage Pyrex from the US via Etsy.  A purchase of an apple green handbag for Summer from here.  Cooked beetroot tart tartin from this recipe book River Cottage Veg Everyday Cookbook or find the recipe's delicious. Finished some hat orders, and finally started my first lot of ready to ship CASH hats for my Etsy store which should re-open in early October.

Best of luck to my footy team.....Go Swannies

Vic x

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