Monday 1 October 2012

Stir Crazy.....

You know that odd feeling when you know you've been inside for way too long......I've been rostered off work since last Thursday so it was the perfect time to try and get some bits and bobs completed, watch the football....yes my team won the AFL Grand Final...too exciting for words!!.....and before I knew it Monday afternoon and I soooo needed some fresh air, some exercise and a bit of time out.  Oh how I love Melbourne this time of year.....Spring has sprung, and it is true what they say, you normally do love the season that you were born in!

So a quick walk and as a person with no garden I'm more than happy to sticky nose at everyone elses!....Through to Albert Park, across the fields, back out over the light rail, down the back streets and lanes and back home just in time for a cuppa and a home made banana and walnut muffin!!  30 minutes and done....although I really could have done without the muffin!

Enjoy Vicki


  1. I remember when you wrote to me about my spring has sprung post before 6 months. you said how amazing you think of that, because autumn begins in your side of the world.

    Now it's the other way around. you start the spring and the autumn begins here.
    what a fabulous world!

    greetings from the other side!

    1. Nice to hear from you....yes how quickly the seasons change. I'm not a Summer person at all so not looking forward to the hot weather that is fast approaching. Hope all is well. Vic


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