Thursday 20 September 2012

Another One Bites The Dust....

My Noro Silk Circle Blanket is now completed....and a beautiful blanket it is....Sold already and on the way to its new owner.  Pattern is here, a really fun crochet pattern to do.

Sorry that things have been a little quiet around here....I'm just getting over my second bout of flu for the season and I'm still a little slow and sluggish....Once things pick up I promise I'll blog a little more.

Enjoy Vicki x


  1. It is just gorgeous Vicki - thanks for sharing! ~ Christine xx

  2. Adorable and the colours just sing! You are such a clever girl!

  3. Beautiful work and excellent photography! Do you do you own photography? I've just started taking custom orders for my crochet items and I'm trying to take better photos, any tips?

    1. Gosh Vicky, thanks for that, the DSLR and I constantly battle.....we have a love hate relationship my camera and I.

      All as I can say is neutral background and a good to decent camera....I do have a couple of different lenses and don't be fooled sometimes it can take me 30 shots to get a decent one. I'm still learning to take my camera off the auto setting, but practice, practice, practice.....and it is true what they say, a perfect photo can sell the worst item.....and a really shocking photo won't sell the most perfect item. Your images are you best asset

      Good luck, Vicki


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