Monday 22 October 2012


I put it down to getting to the end of my knitting orders that the creativity angel has hit me with her wand....or maybe that I'm just a bit more confident in my abilities.

I finished off a little lace bonnet over the weekend that I had being toying with for a while, and last night I was mucking around with a crochet stitch as I wanted to make some cushion covers.....those cushion covers will now be a baby blanket.....and I may just write up a tutorial for the blanket once it is done.

All up it's been a creative weekend.....hope yours was just the same.

Vicki x


  1. Hello Vicki, can you be kind enough to share how the blanket is done/somewhere to find out! Thanks so much, Stacey

    1. Hi Stacey....I just made it up, my strengths lie in knitting not crochet, so apart from the main crochet stitches I had no idea what this stitch was when I did it, but I believe it's called a puff stitch I've since been told. It should be quite easy to find via google or You Tube for an instruction, and I just started with a row of chain how ever much you want to do, then I did a row of single crochet into the chain then did the puff stitch in every second single crochet stitch. I hope that helps....tutorials for knitting I'll be fine....crochet I'm just a bit rubbish I'm afraid!! Good luck, Vic


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