Thursday 13 March 2014

Little Images

Thank you for your kind wishes about my job situation, I'm keeping everything crossed myself.....Yesterday afternoon, Katherine Heise from Lamb loves Fox sent through some images for me....Her delightful family has been quite unwell so her yummy images were delayed for the front cover of her copy of her Finley Pattern, but wasn't the wait worth it?  Cute as a button her little guy is.

I'd also made a little bonnet from from a Norwegian knitting pattern, that she also photographed.....yesterday was a good day, I love images popping into my Inbox.

I have one final order to complete today, and a few new Clover hat to make for the upcoming Southern Hemisphere Winter to knit.....I feel like the pressure is slightly off now.....oh and 2 blankets to finish which I'll share once they are completed.

Hope you're all well, thanks for stopping by.  I'm going to make the best of our glorious weather today.

ps.  Here are the out takes from Katherine's photo shoot.

Vic x

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the glorious weather! These bonnets are just a delight...


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