Sunday, 1 January 2012

Challenging Times Ahead........

Happy New Year one and all....I'll make this short.  I'm not a photographer but like a lot of photographers I'm setting myself a make one blog post every day for the next 366 days.  It may be just one photo and a few words and it will be about something that I've done during the day that I've seen, enjoyed, eaten, drank, made, worn etc etc.  You probably get the drift....So here we go.....the blanket that I had been making that I classified here as one of my many WIP, the pastel blanket...merino, cashmere and silk.  I pulled it back out to have another go at completing it,  I just kept looking at it and not really liking it....too many holes and I wasn't really loving the Granny Square element of it, in my mind the yarn was not the right yarn for this type of blanket, too much silk in it and it too bouncy and holey!!

I firstly had tried the join as you go square method....unravelled that, then moved onto a typical Granny Square border and hated it just as much so I frogged the whole thing and just went with a Pastel Bullseye.  I love this blanket and now I'm loving the new pastel hopefully by the end of January it will be done....just like my first post for the New Year.

Day 1, Vicki x

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  1. That is a brave challenge to take on Vicki :)
    I love how this blanket is looking...I have not had much success with joining granny squares yet...something to work towards this year.
    Happy New Year to you, all the very best.



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